Identifying the optimal market

With the growth of the cloud, data center profit margins increasingly rest on the interplay of siting and power.

At this early stage of the project, owners and operators have the luxury of time to solve for risks to the project and build in better long-term margins.

Selecting the right metro region for your next data center project means balancing many competing factors, of which energy is becoming increasingly important

Data center project development done right means balancing the many factors at the intersection of siting and power. For example, working from an anticipatory framework and including the data center’s future energy needs during this first step can open the door to more potential opportunities for increased competitive advantages.

Birch can help. Contact us to learn how we integrate energy and sustainability into each step of the data center development process to reduce risk exposure and increase economic and environmental performance.

Avenues of opportunity & sources of risk include:

  • Energy tax incentives and rebates
  • Wholesale & retail energy market structures
  • Regional supply / demand energy balance
  • Vulnerability of regional energy supply to climate distributions
  • Planned fiber routes & subsea cable landing stations
  • Proximity to strategic government installations
  • Long-term water availability & pricing