Securing and entitling land

With the target metro area selected, data center owners and operators face another list of potential energy-related risks and opportunities in the selection of a project site.

Navigating these processes can be time consuming and complicated. At the same time, this stage presents several opportunities to increase margins. Owners and operators that anticipate and incorporate the multitude of risk factors during this phase can increase the likelihood of identifying opportunities for greater savings, and gain a competitive advantage in customer acquisition.

Birch can help. Contact us to learn how we integrate energy and sustainability into each step of the data center development process to reduce risk exposure and increase economic and environmental performance

Avenues of opportunity & sources of risk include:

  • Power & water infrastructure availability
  • Utility provider and potential for alternative suppliers
  • Permitting of backup generation and availability of air permits
  • Grid reliability and resiliency to natural and man-made disruptions
  • Availability of backup fuel, including consideration of refueling logistics
  • Opportunities to avoid regulated transmission and distribution charges