Sourcing green energy

Renewable energy is no longer an afterthought. It’s now a strategic imperative. 

Waiting until the final step in this process to secure green power will be substantially increase challenges as avenues to reduce risk and cost narrow.

As accessibility to renewable energy becomes increasingly important for data centers, it is incumbent on owners and operators to make this consideration a priority during the decision-making process. Reaching a utility agreement that includes cost-effective green energy procurement often means that owners and operators should plan for this as early as the strategic planning stage.

Birch can help. Contact us to learn how we integrate energy and sustainability into each step of the data center development process to reduce risk exposure and increase economic and environmental performance

Avenues of opportunity & sources of risk include:

  • When to buy? Will prices continue to fall?
  • Cost of renewable intermittency
  • Cost of transmission from the point of generation to the point of consumption
  • Inability to pass through the costs of financially settled vPPAs to data center tenants
  • Relative carbon impact of renewable energy projects