Renewable Energy

Gone are the days of companies getting a gold star for saying they’re “going green.” Now, renewable energy buying is a strategic imperative for large-scale energy consumers. Birch provides our C&I partners risk-mitigated clean energy through fixed and firm power contracts at or below the rates offered by the local utility.


Renewable Energy Buying, De-Risked

Buying renewable energy through the legacy “RFP” model puts the buyer into the energy trading business, with all the risks that come with being a trader. That’s a distraction that a lot of large companies don’t bargain for when they buy clean energy.

By partnering with Birch early in the procurement process, C&I partners de-risk their renewable energy buying so they can focus on the business of their actual business. We handle risks, such as power price, basis, operations and technology. Our partners get firm blocks of green energy.


Meet Your Sustainability Goals

Our customized, technology-agnostic solutions provide the optimal renewable energy mix to match any company’s specific load shape at the lowest cost possible in any market. And, we streamline the buying experience by starting with customizing the power purchase agreement tailored to a client’s needs, rather than the renewable energy development that someone wants to sell.

Most recently, Birch created a customized solution for data center leader Iron Mountain, Inc., to reduce its risk exposure. It continuously and cost-effectively powers the company’s data centers in five states with renewable energy.

By solving the problems that have historically plagued C&I renewable energy procurement, Birch helps companies find tailored solutions to meet their energy, infrastructure, reliability and sustainability goals, all while maintaining reliability and cost effectiveness.

Contact us today to see how Birch Infrastructure can help your company meet its sustainability and power procurement goals.